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You’re A Successful Entrepreneur Whose Multiple 6-Figure Business Feels Out of Control…

More than often you feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated with running your empire.

I can guess from this side that your business has become a bit of a routine affair?

  • Your income is consistent but it’s also not growing

  • You’re slowly starting to realize that you may need to change your approach – but don’t know where to get a second jumpstart

You feel like everyone else has got their game together – and you’re just scrambling around every day wondering what to do next to reach that next level of success.

You’ve got BIG GOALS and have made plans, but somehow things just keep falling through the cracks and you forget to follow through with them. Heck your busy trying to serve your high-level clients.

If this sounds like you, then lean in and read closely…

on this page…

  • The Crucial ‘Misconception"‘ about your lead generation initiatives

  • The 3 Keys to get you past the "messy middle” in your business and scale in a sustainable way!

  • Plus more deets on how we can help you take control of your empire and finally step into the CEO role full-time like you had always imagined.

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According to Hubspot, converting leads to customers was the number one marketing priority for 70% of companies last year. It’s no doubt a top goal for companies of all industries and sizes.

However, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding lead generation (and what constitutes success.)

From misunderstanding how to find qualified leads to confusion about when the best time to contact them is, the lead generation strategies keep growing.

As a result, business owners are confused and left wondering about the best ways to reach and convert their most qualified leads.

Lead Generation doesn’t require customer education

You can’t expect customers to visit your website once and then convert — unless, of course, they’ve done extensive research on their own and made a decision beforehand. More often than not, new leads aren’t going to blindly purchase a product they don’t know anything about.

And here at the Marcela Landon hate to say it, but a few sleek sales lines aren’t going to convert leads, either.

Say What?!

Enter the Customer Value Journey..

Teaching your prospects about your product or service and how it can help them reach their goals is at the Epic Center of all marketing and sales activities. Nurturing potential customers through multiple touchpoints is essential to conversion.

Whether it’s through your informational blog content, webinars, email campaigns, or ads, seeing your brand across different channels will help them warm up to your product.

Long gone are the days to just pop into inboxes and news feeds to land ideal clients; you must provide value to leads with every interaction. Using actionable takeaways, free guides, and useful insights will not only help potential customers remember your product, but will help set you apart from your competition.

Engaging with customers across multiple touchpoints throughout their journey will ultimately be the difference between a customer who converts and one who doesn’t. That’s a fact.

But we’re not done here….next up you need to understand the following topic to expand your lead generation initiatives and continue to grow your business.


the 3 Keys To Sustainable Growth

In any business, whether you are one man band or a team, it’s hard to break free from the daily grind of doing it all, especially in a highly competitive market with a lot of noise, options and price undercutting.

Like I mentioned up top, your business has become a bit of a routine affair hasn’t it?

  • Your income is consistent but it’s also not growing

  • You’re definitely realizing that you may need to change your reactive approach – to get a second jumpstart to next level in your business


chaos doesn’t help

You see how managing your business inside this model keeps you feeling tired, confused and always on running on a reactive model that is not sustainable and frankly leads to you eventually wanting to quit.

You are feeling the pains of:

  • Chasing clients

  • All your work is project-based

  • You’re trapped in tactics versus strategic thinking

Your follow-up process is a failure

It’s Time To Change All Of That

With the 3 Keys To Sustainable Growth

Key I. You Need Narrow Down To One Core Solution and One Core Problem

Become known for one thing in your business. Figure out which problem you can solve most profitably.

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly follow the "more is better" approach.

This is the belief that the more problems your service solves, the more customers will want that product. In reality, this is a recipe for disaster.

Stop doing stuff that doesn't add value or that creates more clutter than value.

Key II. Build Your Sales Funnel Around the Problem and Create a Valuable Customer Journey To Increase Your Selling Price

Once you’ve narrowed down your solution and niche approach you have your markup. Next, it’s time to set your price and update your sales funnel to present it in pretty package that screams “It’s Worth It!”

Cost + Markup = Selling Price

Update you sales funnel to make a strong connection between their BIG problem and you (or your product or service) being the solution that makes their problem go away.

At the end of the day, the decision they're really making isn't whether or not to buy the product. It's whether or not they want to solve the problem, and whether they believe you can accomplish that.

If the problem is truly painful, then it should be worth the price.

Key III. Systematize Your Processes

Managing your clients manually one-by-one keeps you stuck trading hours for dollars. You’re limited to the number of clients you can work with at given time, so your income is capped.

Which also means, the results your clients achieve is limited (unless it’s a continuing relationship that last several months).

By implementing systems and processes you can reap the benefits of:

  • Meeting and surpass your customers expectations

  • Producing the same quality results every time

  • Improve your performance and your team’s efficiency

  • Reduce costs and have a system that everyone sticks to

  • Become an organized business that leads to more profits to reach that next level of success you are dreaming of

Bottom line, in order for you to take your business to the next level you need to pull yourself out of the day-to-day management activities and focus on growth.


What We Offer!




The Marcela Landon Agency is a unique marketing and online business management agency that offers a real full stack of marketing services and online operations management revolving around the Customer Value Journey (CVJ) model to create ROI for our clients and brands.



Make your prospects aware of your solution and engage them with copy that speaks to their pain and problems.



Let my team and I architect & build a high converting funnel that turns your leads into subscribers& your buyers into fans - by automating your CVJs to excite and ascend your customers into your high-ticket back of the funnel offers.

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We can help you get started with Facebook ads and optimize your funnels designed to rock and get a profitable response.



We work closely with you and your team to create a timeline for your launch, write copy, plan strategy and ads, assess current systems, create new opportunity for leads, analyze current website and platforms, design automation workflows, and oversee a full launch of your new endeavor!



Let us help you take a strategic overhaul of your online business model, with specific goals (create processes, email list growth, business automation, passive income product creation, new website design and implementation).



Whether you have a specific project in mind or are looking t hire a VA for your team, (or a full team), We are available to provide strategy and consulting in terms of who you should hire and for what.

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Discover the Best Entrepreneur In Yourself

Our #1 Goal at The Marcela Landon Agency is to give you the tools, marketing systems, and processes so that you can become the best entrepreneur and scale your business in a sustainable way.


We Believe You’re Unique In Your Own Messaging, Niche Market, Price Point, and Selling Process.

So anybody that tries to blindly tell you that "this is gonna work great, without taking the time to really understand your business model is either just trying to make a sale or just doesn't understand how online businesses work.

And since you’ve been in business for a while now creating memorable client experience, you’re ready to reclaim your time, share more of your story, and conserve energy for business projects you really care about.


Marcela Here…

I can tell you I've been in your shoes...scrambling to build my business after graduating with a Masters in Marketing, while working full-time in New York City for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Barclays and UBS...

But as a Digital Marketing Strategist - Certified OBM, I've come a long way to knowing a thing or two about starting and growing a business from scratch.

Not to mentioned the brick-and-mortar business I’ve been managing with my husband since 2014 making more than just 6 figures...all great details to know right?.

But what you really want to know is what sets me apart? I treat your business and your success as if it were my own baby...I believe in delivering raw and real value.



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